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WildBlue Communications Reviews

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  • wildblue excede12

    ut they were told not to admit it. Even when I told them I knew it was them; same canned response. Anyway, I went to check out Hughes Net and their complaints were even worse; as if that were possible. Someone suggested Verizon Wireless internet. I have their phones so adding service was easy and the cost comparable. I had to by a wifi USB for my desktop but for $30. it was worth it. I do not know if other cell companies offer this service but I am extremely satisfied. I did my homework and Goggled reviews for it and nearly all were positive. Now, know more ugly dish, no more... More...
    aniboljones's Picture   aniboljones    0 Comments   Comments

    This is by far the WORST internet provider possible if you surf the web an average amount or more every day. I got WILDBLUE two years ago for a high rate per month and its totally not worth it. They only give you so much internet usage per month which was usually used up by the tenth of every month. With WILDBLUE the only thing you could use it for is reading online. ABSOLUTELY ZERO downloading because they will disconnect your services or slow them down til next pay period. dial up is a better choice. WILDBLUE IS OVER PRICED AND TOOOOO SLOW! More...
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    haightrobert's Picture   haightrobert    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cancel service

    I have been a customer of Wildblue for nearly four years. In April of this year, I used the home page website to contact them advising that I would not be using their service after April 15, 20011. I asked for any requirements they would need from me to end my service. I got no reply.In June my credit card was charged for a months service in advance, as usual. I emailed them again, asking for a refund, as I was no longer using their service, and had cancelled as of April 15. I contacted my credit card and advised to no longer allow payment to Wildblue. In July, My wife got a phone... More...
    emeryjw's Picture   emeryjw    0 Comments   Comments
  • slow slow slow

    Worst internet I have ever had. Lock you into a 2yr contract because they know if they don't they will lose customers left and right. I was going to upgrade until I read it makes no difference. The customer service is terrible. When I signed on they told me I would be fine for all I do on my laptop,but I cannot even download photos. This sucks. My two years cannot get here quick enough and I still have over a year to go. What a total waste of money. More...
    gshu5455's Picture   gshu5455    2 Comments   Comments
  • dishonest service

    I was installed two days ago .2 hours after install I was told I needed to upgrade my pkg. to "maybe" improve the audio/video files I was told I would receive and I was not receiving. I did ,no difference.the next tec said didn't matter what pkg. I had I would not receive audio/video files.I made it clear what I waned when I spoke with the sales tec and he made it clear I would receive video/audio but he warned me not to exceed 7GB monthly. Now Iam told your system does not support any streaming.I was deceived. I need audio/video teaching as I suffered a brain injury from an... More...
  • dishonest

    I had your system installed 2 days ago. 2 hours after install I was told by a tec I needed to upgrade my pkg. to "maybe" receive better audio streaming. I called because I was not getting any video/audio and I was told I would.Keep in mind this was 2 hours after install . I was either lied to or the sales rep was misinformed . I suffered a brain injury from an accident and I struggled with reading the contract and I trusted the people who represented WB. I need audio/video teaching files .without this the service is no good to me.I request a complete refund and waive the... More...
    timexwatchman's Picture   timexwatchman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Improper Billing

    Wildblue Communications charged my credit card for a month of service five weeks after I had terminated my service. When I moved to my new home, I called to have my equipment installed. This equipment was not leased, and I had been a Wildblue (WB) customer for five years. At the time I signed on, customers were required to purchase the satellite and modem. When I asked if I could have my dish installed at my new location, I was told that they would no longer support the equipment they sold me and that I had to lease new equipment from them. I elected to terminate my service with WB and sign... More...
    fdeo57's Picture   fdeo57    2 Comments   Comments
  • lies

    I had wildblue install 24 days ago'so far is has being a rollercoaster of lies'first the customer representative that sold me the service lie about the usage dowload stream is slow cant get it more than 1megaplex,even do i am in the pro'my usage is in 97% even do I explain that I download a lot of documents he told me is it would be fine an it isnt I am not using my home computer until it gets down,thats another lie,i am still waiting till it gets down,and when calling customer service they can not give a strait answer to when,and if i cancel is 395.00 dlls,this is ridiculous... More...
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    tjrobert's Picture   tjrobert    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer has to pay for wildblue mistake!

    Wildblue charged my account $286.00 when I did not return equipment. Problem was, I was never sent the boxes to return equipment. I even tried to ask for address so I could pay myself. But wildblue refused to give me an address. I contacted wildblue 3 weeks prior to my move, and they still could not get billing correct. I would cancel, but I honor my contract unlike this company. You can be sure that once my contract is over, I will give another company my business! More...
    Perry92101's Picture   Perry92101    1 Comments   Comments
  • blue with wildblue

    My son signed up for the high speed deal which was 50% more expensive than our previous service. He didn't hear the part about the bandwidth restriction from Wild Blue. After only two weeks we could no longer use the service. Having no idea about bandwidth restrictions we began to modify our use. We simply never logged on. A week later my wife got someone to agree to let us out of the contract with some penalties. That was when troubles began. We had to get the equipment back, so I had to climb onto the roof, leg in a cast, and uninstall everything. We made every effort to... More...

    This is hands down the worst internet connection I have ever had in my life!!!! Completely slow!!! To which they lied about the speed, cost of installation and took the technition FOREVER to set up and in spot I didn't even necessarily want. It rarely connects to the internet after sitting here for hours on end frustrated as HELL for it to finally connect and when it does the speeds are spotty at best and completely SLOW!!!!! Beware and NEVER EVER get this company as it will be the worst Internet source you can find hands down! They also make you sign a contract which is way to long... More...
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    Snwbrd999's Picture   Snwbrd999    0 Comments   Comments
  • wild blue service

    we are wildbluedealer we have around 3500 customer we have no problem with our customer. we read about customers that complain about there service with wild blue taking to long to get installed.buy from your local dealer.and far service we had very few complanit.we take care of customers there number 1.our customers call us before calling wildblue.if we are unable to help them then they call wildblue More...
    leeboy1's Picture   leeboy1    3 Comments   Comments
  • blame customer for their wrong doing

    earlier this year i ordered service from wildblue.they changed who the installer would be &where he would be comming from 4 times.that didn't concern me that much, i thought it a little odd.when the installer arrived he couldn'tconnect where i asked because he didn't have what he needed.he hooked up near the corner of the house ,i couldn,t move my laptop out of a confined area.i paid him 50$ to hook up my router,i was in another room he brought my computer, it was online until he left.even though he left his # he never called back.i had to make a full time job of trying... More...
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    sugarpops's Picture   sugarpops    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Service, Management Issue

    Called on a Friday night at 8:00 talked to Arkansas sales agent and was given a decent offer but thought I had been given a better quote before. We verified that we could cancel without charge we were told if canceled before shipping there would be no charge. Called the next morning because I found my previous quote. I was told by the sales agent in Arkansas that our area could not get the 39.95 but I had a previouss quote stating otherwise. The customer service number 18669453258 said it was available in our area by two different reps. When trying to cancel until we were sure we were... More...
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  • wildblue just keeps on sucking

    #1, lied about how weather affects it. I live where it rains 9 months out of the year, guy said'only goes out in heavy rain, I know I lived there" a total lie, out whenever it so much as drizzled. For more of my experiences just search the web for complaints -DITTO. #2, never as fast as advertised, lots of timeouts, made running a business just about impossible, had to get a dialup account from AOL to ensure internet access. #3, cancelled ASAP (1 year of outrageous fees for nothing finally over! or so I thought-got a bill with interest and penalties 15 (FIFTEEN) months after... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    buggycrazy's Picture   buggycrazy    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Connection/Worse Customer Service

    I signed up for the top level of service from WildBlue Communications in June of 2007. Since May of this year (2008) my service has been spotty at best, and for long stretches of time has been completely non-existent. I called to cancel my account in August, and was asked to give them a chance to correct the problem. They scheduled a service call and the technician was dispatched within 2 weeks -- with the wrong part. I was told it would take 2 days for the correct part to arrive. It is now November, and the technician still has not received the correct part. For 4 months now, I have... More...
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  • WildBlue - Is This Considered Service?

    I signed up for the top level of service from WildBlue Communications in June of 2007. Since May of this year (2008) my service has been spotty at best, and for long stretches of time has been completely non-existent. I called to cancel my account in August, and was asked to give them a chance to correct the problem. They scheduled a service call and the technician was dispatched within 2 weeks -- with the wrong part. I was told it would take 2 days for the correct part to arrive. It is now November, and the technician still has not received the correct part. For 4 months now, I have... More...
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    Cheree's Picture   Cheree    1 Comments   Comments

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WildBlue Communications Comments

poco says: (8 years ago)
It is as slow as dialup. Sometimes it's slower and about $40.00 more than dialup. I wish I didn't have it. 18 more months to go.

legs1957 says: (9 years ago)
this service is a joke, the only reason i even had it installed was the previous owner already had the satellite. Anything has to be better than this. I can't even get on now even though i am at only 72% of my usage, had to check that out from someone else computer. Don't get it, get a plan through your cell phone, get your old 28k modem and use dial up

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